Always a step or two ahead of the pack. Risk taker. Innovator. That's how people like Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Sam Kinison and Bill Cosby were described. These people wanted to be more than just funny. They wanted to make you think. They wanted to completely entertain you. They have another thing in common, they inspired S.Anthony Thomas.

According to The Philadelphia Daily News and hundreds of thousands of people nationwide who have seen him live, S.Anthony also has these qualities. " a day where comedians regularly offend, he has a way of dealing with very tough subjects and making them funny" - The Philadelphia Daily News.

S. Anthony grew up in West Philadelphia and from the beginning there were signs that he would be an entertainer. "When I was a kid I used to write and perform characters for anyone who would sit still long enough. Then I found out people got paid for it and thought ... hmmm!"

It didn't take long (six months) after his first time on stage for booking agencies to recognize his talent and ask him to do professional weekend shows. That lead to several road gigs at top rated comedy clubs around the country were he gained the reputation as a dynamic, charismatic and reliable performer. The contests came and so did success.

He was a finalist in the National Lampoon Comedy Contest and made it to the finals at the Tropicana Comedy Showdown in Atlantic City as well. After many successive years on the road, (he still performs and tours)  he is taking some time off to produce his newest one man show, "S. Anthony Says..". As S.Anthony puts it, "I'm finally able to completely do what I want to show people all of my skills at full strength." People think they loved what he did before with his stand up ...wait until they see this!


Comedy Clubs:

Comedy works (PA)

Spaghetti Warehouse (PA)

Comedy Stop at the Trop (NJ)

Kahunaville (DE)

Popi's (PA)

Julie's (PA)

Comedy Cabaret (PA,NJ,DE)

Doubletree Hotel (DE)

Top Dog (NJ)

Funnybone (PA)

Tracey's Comedy Club (MD)

Claridge Comedy Club (NJ)

Rusty Rudder Music Hall (MD)

Improv (PA,NY,CA)

Laugh Factory (CA)

Comedy Store (CA)


Rutgers  University (NJ)

Drexel University (PA)

Stocton State (NJ)

Solo Shows:

Yeah...I said it  (2000)

Hard truths, Straight talk and other Rare things  (2002)

Most Likely to Secede  (2004)

Refurbished and Ready for Resale  (2006)

S. Anthony Says... (2010)*

Showcases/ Festivals:

Comic Relief (PA,NY,NJ)

Toyota Comedy Festival (PA,NY,NY)

Instructor at Comedy College 2001-2008